Welcome to the CCB

The Centre for Chromosome Biology (CCB) at NUI Galway in Ireland hosts an interactive network of researchers investigating topics linked to the biology of genomes.

We are interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying chromosome replication, segregation, repair, evolution, chromatin regulation and transcription. These processes are fundamental to our growing understanding of genetics and epigenetics, and have important implications for cancer and disease.

The Centre currently comprises 11 groups with over 60 researchers and support staff. We have a range of technologies available for studying chromosome biology at the molecular, cellular and organismal level.

In 2014 the CCB moved to the purpose-built Bioscience Building on the North campus of NUI Galway.

Upcoming seminars

-Oct 30 Rebecca Taylor
MRC LMB Cambridge
-Nov 4 Laurence Pelletier
LTRI/University of Toronto
-Nov 10 Jordan Raff
University of Oxford
-Nov 23 Fanni Gergely
CRUK Cambridge
-Nov 27 Miguel Godinho Ferreira
Gulbenkian Lisbon


from collaborative work between the Lowndes and Hiom labs:

Congratulations to Elaine Dunleavy who was awarded the President’s Award for Research Excellence, Early Stage Researcher 2015

Research Groups